noxicadovl (noxicadovl) wrote in bclt_sisters,

ah summer....

hey girls! a few things this entry:
1. sorry i haven't been updating nearly at all lately, i've been trying to get off my fat, lazy ass and get some work done these past few weeks and it's kinda been eating me alive so to speak. >_<" i'm still somehow alive and here, just posting this to say so!

2. as kirstie and sam said, getting together this summer sounds awesome! it feels like i haven't seen any of you in forever, even kathryn!'d just be really nice to get together again.

3. as far as the house goes...ok i'm not sure if i posted about this but we're moving to another house about 5 minutes away that was originally a building my mom bought for a new massage therapy school she was going to run, but she fell in love with the house and now we're moving there. at first i was really bitchy and defensive about moving, i sunk my claws into my surroundings and growled at passerbys. (not kidding, kathryn and matt were there when it happened. -_-') but now i've lightened up much more; this house hasn't felt like home in a long time and we all have bad memories here so maybe it sounds like we all need a new start. besides, i get my mom's bed and the house itself sounds soooo nice when mom describes it. there'll be a wrap around porch and the fireworks/fairgrounds are right across the street, omg it'll be so pretty on the fourth of july. lol you guys are all welcome to come to the bbq my mom said we're going to be having then! :P but it's not only the material things and surroundings that will be there; my mom has a really good feeling about this place and it would be so nice not to be scared out of my wits creeping through the house every night before i go to bed, afraid of what might be around the corner. it would be nice to live in a place i've never had a nightmare about yet. : /
anyway, i'll stop rambling on that!

4. i'm sure i was going to say something else but i can't remember it....AHA! LJ for some reason keeps cutting off my comments, soooo.....yeah. it sucks when i see people leaving two-page long comments and i can't even leave one line. -_-' but i'll stop rambling AND bitching now!

tty gals later! ♥♥♥
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Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling better about the house Tibby!
Sometimes starting over is fun, it's always exciting at least!

♥ Bee
hahaha.. fourth of july was a summer tradition..
and I always got sick from the watermelon :o)
sounds sweet..