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hey girls....
i would have posted a comment to kirstie's last post, but it would have probably been too long and i wanted to make an entry anyway. i don't know how you feel. i don't know what it's like. none of us do. but we're hear no matter what happens.
i feel so distant to all of you, i barely talk with any of you anymore. it's in silence that things die...i just want you girls to know that even if we haven't talked in a billion billion years, call me up anytime you like for any reason. even if it's at 4am and you want me to get you toothpicks at a general store or something, idk. even if you hate me or i hate you or some big dramatic teenage tragedy happened between us, i'm still there. and i'm not just saying that. so...that's about it for this entry i suppose.
later girls, stay strong.<3
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