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: ) good to be posting here again. sam, you haven't said how you're doing yet!
read some of the previous entries from this journal just now. lol after nothing but months of the fuzzy one (kirstie, that would be matt) i'm ready for some female contact again. hell, talking on IM would even be nice.
as i said we rented The Sisterhood the other night. i didn't really watch it much but i remember the movie and the book and it made me laugh. i miss stuff like that.
speaking of miss, does anyone miss the villa? every time i drive past it i think how much better highschool is going. they say your awkward years are all in highschool but i don't really feel very awkward anymore. i know who i am more here, and it feels good to leave some sucky experiences and bad obsessions behind. (not to mention some of the suck-ass poetry i wrote >_<") lol. there are good memories i know, but i think once you get out of an environment you've been forced to be in and get out into a tiny bit more of the real world where you have a class of 200, not 20, you can choose your friends, and you have an opportunity to hold onto the friendships from your past that turn out to be worth keeping.
XD here i go getting all mushy and ranty. just reminiscing i guess. lol sam you wanted a post, so you got one! :P
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