noxicadovl (noxicadovl) wrote in bclt_sisters,

hey girls,
happy birthday lena! can you send me your address sometime so i can send you a card or something? bwah >_< omg! kat's in greece! is my sister. and my mom's out w/ friends so i'm alone in the house on a saturday night, wanna party? lol... : / kinda lonely.
this weekend was interesting, i swear my dad's getting cenile. i found him screwing a door shut today. it's the one that leads from our upstairs apartment to the outside....can you say firehazard? besides, we have shelving on the other side of that door, for like, plastic bags and other everyday stuff. dad says he'll just unscrew the door every time he needs something. he's really starting to freak me out. like, really. i doubt he'd ever hit me (so i hope, he's been drinking more than usual these past few months, this being the man who once openly opposed alcohol often) but he's just creepy and stuff and he's starting to scare me again like he did when i was a kid.....: / idk....bah....
ok after that dispiriting chat...i should probably end this entry for now. how is everyone doing?
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